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Specialized Support for Nutrition Brands

At NutraMarketers, we help you navigate the complicated world of online sales through Amazon with ease and confidence. Our team specializes in marketing for supplement and functional food products ensuring that your industry-centric needs are understood and met.

Everything you need and nothing you don’t.

We Develop Bespoke Strategies Because No Two Brands Are Alike

Success on Amazon requires a holistic and calculated strategy to grow your brand awareness, sales, and profit margins. We create custom strategies for our clients to address their needs specifically and perfectly.  

Account Management

When selling your products on Amazon, you need someone that is constantly monitoring your account. With our comprehensive approach, we ensure your account is in good standing, your sales are being monitored, and when issues arise, we’re at the ready to spring into action.

Amazon SEO

We use intelligent software to help us understand the most powerful keywords in your niche. We look at the competitors’ keywords, search volume, difficulty, and general competitiveness of each keyword and carefully choose words that will perform well for your product specifically.


Listing Optimization

Your product listing must be well written and contain the keywords we found in our research. As your rankings improve these keywords will gain us more organic impressions. The listing must hold the attention of the customer and have a high conversion rate.

Product Photography

With every product launch or listing optimization, we will always make sure your products look their best. Our photoshoots cover product listing thumbnails as well as all photography needed for A+ Modules graphics, all while meeting Amazon’s strict image standards.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an effective means of visually communicating brand messaging and building connections with your customers. It’s a crucial first impression and can often be a lasting one—giving credibility to your product and building long-term relationships with customers.

Video Production

Promotional videos are an excellent way to hold attention to your listing and also sell your products. We create videos for our clients in-house directed by Emmy-nominated Art Director Sheri Kowalski.

New Product Launch

Landing pages are an effective way of generating leads, improving your conversion rate, and connecting with your customers to drive them to action. Our team of web gurus will optimize your landing page with targeted keywords to make sure your product is not only easy to find but easy to remember.

Amazon Ads

With these ads, we can pay to put you at the top of the search for the keywords we choose. In some cases, we are even able to advertise the product in searches that contain key phrases that can’t be written in your listing. Amazon PPC is a powerful tool for driving immediate sales.

External Traffic

Keeping the external traffic strong, we will write and publish a top 10 article on one of our many health resource websites. The article makes you the number #1 pick when compared to other products. Customers can click to buy on Amazon.

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Customized Plan

Our team builds a customized plan to start optimizing your listings for growth and managing them for you. Every product is unique and we will customize a strategy to reach your audience in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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From Startup To Acquisition

Our team is responsible for growing the direct-to-consumer supplement company Superior Labs from startup (launching in 2012) until being acquired in 2017 by a private equity company.

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