Recently, Amazon made a decision to remove dietary supplements containing NMN from its platform. NMN, or nicotinamide mononucleotide, is a molecule that has gained popularity in the health and wellness community due to its potential anti-aging properties.


NMN is a precursor to NAD+, a coenzyme that plays a crucial role in many cellular processes, including energy production, DNA repair, and gene expression. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline, which may contribute to the aging process and the development of age-related diseases.


Supplements containing NMN are marketed as a way to boost NAD+ levels and slow down the aging process. However, the safety and efficacy of NMN supplements are not yet fully understood, and the FDA has not approved them for any medical use.


Amazon’s decision to remove NMN supplements from its platform comes after reports of potential safety concerns. Some studies have shown that high doses of NMN can lead to liver damage in mice, although the relevance of these findings to humans is not clear. Additionally, there have been reports of unscrupulous sellers marketing NMN supplements with dubious claims and poor quality control.


In a statement, Amazon stated that it takes customer safety seriously and that it will not allow products that may cause harm to be sold on its platform. The company also encouraged customers to consult with their healthcare providers before taking any dietary supplements.


The decision to remove NMN supplements from its platform has sparked controversy in the health and wellness community. Some experts have criticized Amazon for removing a potentially beneficial supplement without sufficient evidence of harm. Others have praised the company for taking a proactive approach to customer safety.


If your brand has been removed from Amazon for containing NMN, there are several steps you can take to address the issue and potentially have your products reinstated on the platform. Here are some recommended steps:


1. Review Amazon’s policy: The first step is to review Amazon’s policy on dietary supplements carefully. In particular, you should review the section on prohibited ingredients to understand why your product containing NMN may have been removed.

2. Determine the reason for removal: you should then try to determine the specific reason why your product was removed. You can reach out to Amazon customer service for more information or review any communication from Amazon regarding the removal.

3. Address the issue: If the reason for removal is due to safety concerns or non-compliance with Amazon’s policy, you should take steps to address the issue. For example, you may need to reformulate your product to remove NMN or obtain third-party certifications to demonstrate safety and quality.

4. Contact Amazon: Once the issue has been addressed, you can reach out to Amazon to request the reinstatement of your product. This can be done through the “Contact Us” form in the seller account or by calling Amazon’s Seller Support.

5. Provide evidence: you should be prepared to provide evidence to support the safety and compliance of your product. This may include certificates of analysis, product testing reports, and other documentation.

6. Follow up: After contacting Amazon, you should follow up regularly to ensure that your case is being reviewed and to provide any additional information or documentation as needed.


It is important to note that the reinstatement process can take time, and there is no guarantee that a product will be reinstated. However, by taking these steps, a brand can demonstrate its commitment to safety and compliance and increase the chances of having its product reinstated on Amazon.


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Written by John Smiddy

John Smiddy is a seasoned marketer with a wealth of experience in the industry. He is the founder of LeadPlan Marketing and co-founder of NutraMarketers, where he has dedicated his career to marketing for nutrition brands. With a passion for marketing. In addition to his experience in the nutrition industry, John has also worked with well-known brands such as Skull Candy and Vans Warped Tour and has a diverse background in television, and the music industry. He is the author of the insightful book “Stop Guessing, Start Marketing” which showcases his expertise in the field.